Guide to apply for PAN card online

How to apply for PAN card online

India has entered the age of Digital Revolution and seeing the penetration level of Internet in almost every domain of society, the government has digitalized  all the legal processes of the country. For every formal document, there is an online application process. Likewise, government has roped in two agencies NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technologies and Services Limited) for providing online PAN card application facility.

Online application of PAN is one of the most convenient ways of applying for PAN since the hassle involved is the least and the process is quick, convenient and effective.

Application of PAN can  be categorized into two main categories, one that is made by Indians staying within the country  and abroad which is 49A form and two is made by foreigners who have business in the country i.e., 49AA. You can fill these forms by visiting to any of the sites such as NSDL or UTIITSL.

How to fill the application form for PAN card online ?

Form 49A needs to be filled by applicants who are applying for a new PAN. This means that applicants who have never applied for a PAN and who do not have a PAN assigned to them currently are supposed to use this form for PAN application.

Follow the steps written below :

  1. Go to the NSDL or  UTIITSL website and fill up the online form under the 49A category.
  2. After you have filled the form you will be redirected to a payment gateway and a processing fee of Rs.110 will be charged. The applicants having foreign address will be charged an amount of  Rs. 1020. The payment can be made via Debit card, credit card or internet banking and for those applying offline a demand draft will be issued.
  3. Once you have made the payments, an acknowledge number will be generated for you for future reference.
  4. Applicant is required to take a print out of this acknowledgement receipt and send it to the Income Tax Department accompanied by the required documents for proof of address and proof of identity. Also, two passport sized photographs need to be attached to the acknowledgement print-out.
  5. The acknowledgement letter along with relevant documents should be sent to the Income Tax Department within 15 days from the date of online application. The envelope that is sent should be labelled – “APPLICATION FOR PAN –”
  6. Once the documents and acknowledgement reaches the Tax Department, the various information is verified and if found satisfactory, a new PAN is issued to the applicant. An email regarding PAN details and the dispatch of PAN card is sent to your registered email id. The PAN card reaches the applicant within 30 days from the date of filing the application. For tracking purposes, the acknowledgement number furnished at the time of submission of application form, can be made use of.

NOTE: The documents and the acknowledgement print-out should be posted to the Income Tax Department within 15 days of online application. Otherwise, the process stands cancelled and the fee paid for the same is lost. In this case, the user will need to initiate a fresh PAN card online application process once again.

The pan card status can be tracked via the coupon number that is furnished by UTIITSL after the submission of your pan card application form. For reprint and correction of PAN application status, the existing PAN number can be used for tracking.

NOTE: The application form 49A should be obtained from the official UTIITSL website itself and in case thumb impression is used instead of signature, it needs to be verified and attested by a Magistrate, Notary or a Gazetted officer.

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