How to check pan card status

PAN Card Status

You can apply for PAN number online through two type of online portal. One is through UTI portal and the other is NSDL portal. If you want to know your PAN card status you have to go to the respected portal where you have applied for PAN card.

UTI PAN Card Status

If you have recently applied for your PAN card through UTIITSL and you want to check your PAN Card Status then you can check your PAN CARD STATUS through the below given link. Let me guide you how can you check your PAN status. It is very simple and few step process.

  1. Click Here to reach the appropriate UTI Page.
  2. Fill The application no / coupon no ( You can also fill PAN no if available). It is a 10 digit number.
  3. Click on submit button to track PAN card.

If your pan card application record is match then you will get the latest status about your pan card otherwise it will say “Record Not Found”

***Make sure that you start checking your NSDL PAN status after three days from the date of submission of application form.

You can also check NSDL Pan status

NSDL Pan Card Status

If you have not applied for UTI Pan Card, Then you must have applied for your NSDL PAN Card? You can also check your NSDL PAN status online with few simple steps. We will guide you directly to the NSDL’s page where you can check your NSDL PAN CARD STATUS by just enter your details.

How to check NSDL PAN Status?

  1. Click here to reach appropriate NSDL page for NSDL PAN Status check.
  2. Select the option in ‘Application Type’ box as PAN new/change request.
  3. Enter your 15 digit acknowledgement number in the next field.
  4. Fill up all other details like Name, Surname and Date of Birth.
  5. In case if PAN is applied for firm or company, enter the date of incorporation or date of agreement or partnership deed.
  6. click submit button

***Make sure that you start PAN card tracking after three days from the date of submission of application form.

However, if you have applied for a PAN card through UTI portal, please refer to above post for UTI PAN Card status. In case, if you have not applied for it, then you can download PAN card application form from the official website.

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